Posted on April 9th, 2008 in Daily Stock Market / Economic News - The Real Story

This is how many of financials-led market crashes in the past year have began. And when it comes, it comes fast. Look out…this could get interesting. What timing, right ahead of financial’s earnings beginning in earnest next week. Hello FASB 157. -Best, Mortgage

09-Apr-08   15:24  Money markets signal fears over banks – FT   

FT reports money markets in the US and Europe are signalling renewed
fears about the financial strength of banks, with key confidence
barometers almost returning to the levels that preceded the collapse of
Bear Stearns. The concerns are being highlighted by the difference
between overnight lending rates set by central banks and three-month
Libor, the rate at which banks lend to each other. This spread, known
as the overnight index swap rate, has been rising in the US and remains
elevated in Europe, indicating that banks are reluctant to lend to each
other. "Libor is still dysfunctional and, for whatever reason, banks
still appear unwilling to lend funds," said Dominic Konstam, head of
interest rate strategy at Credit Suisse. The difference between the
overnight central bank rates and three-month Libor was typically about
12 basis points before global credit turmoil grew worse last summer. In
the US on Wednesday, that spread rose 2bp to 77.5bp. In the UK, the
swap rate gained 2.45bp to 95.45bp on Wednesday. In Europe, the swap
rate was up 1.29bp at 74.68bp.


  1. I got scared when the FED bailed out BEAR. WT*?

    I am worried the $ as a viable currency will become devalued at an increasing rate.

    Mr. Mortgage, you have great commentary and really informed. What mort companies would be the best to short?

    I made some money (and lost some) buying puts on the home builders and MTG while they were still being propped up.

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