Bear Stearns FINIALLY Tells The Truth

Posted on April 10th, 2008 in Daily Stock Market / Economic News - The Real Story

I guess better late than never. This should be a proxy for what the other broker’s earning should have looked like if it was not for their fraudulent accounting practices. My o’ my, were those quarterly reports a fun read…especially GS and MS (the good guys). HAHA! As it turns out they may have more to hide than LEH and MER. Don’t get me wrong, they are likely all insolvent but the balls of GS and MS are of extremely large size. This is a great read…especially what the dopey reporter said in the last sentence "The stock has been trading in a
range of $2.84 to $159.36 for the past twelve months," BWHAHAHA. That is quite a ‘trading range’. – Best, Mr Mortgage

4/10/2008 8:36:37 PM New York-based investment banking firm Bear Stearns
Companies, Inc. (BSC) Thursday said it currently expects first quarter
profitability to be substantially lower than the prior-year results.
The company also announced a delay in filing its financial reports for
the first quarter.

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