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David Einhorn’s speech, Private Profits and Socialized Risk’ attached here is riveting. Lehman, Merrill, Goldman, Morgan, the ratings agencies, SEC, Fed etc tricks are exposed. I guaranty, you will read this several times. I did. I will be doing a YouTube video on this shortly but wanted to get it out there. I got this a couple of days ago and was told by Mr Einhorn, himself, this morning it is a free country and you are free to agree or disagree.  The letter is public in my mind.” So here ya go…This needs to be read by everyone. -Best, Mr Mortgage

Download david_einhorn_private_profits_socialized_risk_40808.pdf


  1. Good work

  2. enjoyable lunch time read. obviously “we the people” get fleeced. are there any plays left now that the FRB has guaranteed everyone? Goldman’s taking the Level 3 award but it doesn’t matter when they can re-name/re-bundle and sell to the FRB at their own in-house valuation. can the FRB keep it up? they have a finite amount of treasuries, but then they’ll just loan to themselves. hilarious predicament.

  3. Thanks for your work. The document is indeed extremely interesting and relevant. I’ve passed the pdf and your blog both on to my friends. Everyone needs to know the story here.

  4. there are people pushing the truth…the dark forces are just so powerful even people like Einhorn get drowned out.

  5. I did some legwork on HRB with supporting documentation, thought you might be interested.


  6. thanks spy…I added a link to your site on mine.

  7. thanks spy – I added a link to your site from here.

  8. Mr. Mortgage, thanks for providing the other side of the story.

    There’s a mortgage broker that goes by the name Mr. Mortage, and predictably, he’s bullish: http://thegreatloanblog.blogspot.com/.

    I’m in your camp. The government and Wall Street are lying to us. And the media is too stupid/lazy to figure it out for themselves, so they parrot what the government and Wall Street tell them (and let’s not forget that much of the media is controlled by large corporate interests that are themselves aligned with Wall Street).

    Example: the BSC bailout. Hank Paulson stated that it wasn’t a bailout, which is simply laughable. And the media described the transaction as the Fed “financing” $30bn of Bear’s assets. Wrong. They didn’t finance it, they bought the assets. The Fed and the taxpayers own the risk (up and down) on those assets. The Fed’s secrecy is incredible. At what levels did WE purchase those assets? They won’t tell us.

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