I am off today…

Posted on May 20th, 2008 in Mr Mortgage - News Picks of the Day!

I have been slammed the past couple of days in some in-depth research reports, which I will release to you as well. So in the meantime, below are today’s top news headlines at ML-IMPLODE. Have a great day and I will be back at you soon. -Best Mr Mortgage

* Foreclosure Glut not all Bad News: Good News for Habitat for Humanity – [2008-05-20]
* ML-Alert: Banco Shrinks, Delta’s Comeback, an Implode and more… – [2008-05-20]
* Accounting Errors at Franklin Bank Corp. Draw SEC’s Attention – [2008-05-20]
* NexCen shares plummet on going-concern warning – [2008-05-20]
* Thornburg to Announce Substantial First Quarter Loss – [2008-05-20]
* Mom forced to live in car with dogs – [2008-05-20]
* SEC Probes Franklin Bank; CEO Replaced – [2008-05-20]
* Avoiding financing a big black hole – [2008-05-20]
* Senate Panel Approves Housing Relief Bill – [2008-05-20]
* A Real Countrywide Email From Angelo Mozilo – Calls Homeowner Disgusting – [2008-05-20]
* Gen X, Gen Y, debt, and savings – [2008-05-20]
* Home Depot Profit Drops 66% on U.S. Housing Slump – [2008-05-20]
* Getting Paid To Walk Away – [2008-05-20]
* Securities Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Downey Financial – [2008-05-20]
* Most Appraisers Asked to Inflate Home Values – [2008-05-19]

2 Responses to “I am off today…”

  1. They all have an agenda. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks for the hard work. I’ve made $9K in the stock market this month shorting financials and long in energy trusts. That’s a little bit more than my salary. But I’m not quiting my day job.

    Half of it was swing trades and I re-traded the same idea over like SKF 99->104 and 100->106 (I’ve traded that a total of 5-6 times). I’m not sure how many more times I can do that.

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