Hat-Tip to Don Harold For His Cramer Video – Must See

Posted on June 22nd, 2008 in Daily Stock Market / Economic News - The Real Story

I ride Cramer hard. Mostly for his relentless pumping of mortgage-related financials andhome builders in 2007 when the mortgage and real estate markets were crumbling around him. In his world everything was fine butin the real world, there was some real suffering going on in these sectors. He cost many people a great deal of money, however, provided great short opportunities for those who knew better and for that I love the guy.

I remember him in mid-2007 writing ‘DSL’ on his knuckles and saying Downey Savings would go to $100. This was because he had no clue of sector and because Downey had a huge short interest, which is one of Cramer’s most used tactics. If you notice, many of the stocks he pumps or surpise-pumps are on the Reg-SHO list or heavily shorted meaning he has a better shot at getting the stock to move higher on a potential short squeeze. This betters his odds at saying ‘see I told you so’ if even only for a day.

Shortly, thereafter Cramer threw his rant on bubblevision and said he had warned everyone all along. He is the absolute best flip-flopper ever born.

On June 13th 2008, Cramer was once again talking about his ‘proprietary oscilators’ and how you have to buy everything that has been under pressure with his top picks being financials, home builders and retail. He said that energy would fall. This was after a rough week in the markets for the sectors he said to buy. More months than not, the market rallies into options expiration so he was again going for the short squeeze odds. He is a gambler above all else.

As you know, last week was a disaster led by the financials, home builders and retail while energy did well. Thanks Cramer! This just goes to prove once again, do not listen variety shows for investing advice. Don’t listen to me either. Actually, I don’t give advice, rather facts in order for you to make your own educated opinions.

Don Harold put this wonderful video together. You have to watch this and spread it around. This is a classic. People need to see these things because in my opinion, Cramers antics hurt far more people then they help.

All of this could have been avoided if he would have come out on June 20th and said ‘hey guys, I was early on last week’s call to buy the financials’ or even ‘hey, I made a mistake’. But to totally deny it and blame his viewers for being in those stocks when they crashed last week is just weak.

I think Cramer’s days maybe numbered unless he changes his format and starts talking about both sides of the trade instead of always being able to find a bull market somwhere. He is all over the pace from week to week and his show is an volatile as the market. Remember, he made most of his money shorting stocks. Hat-tip Harold! -Best, Mr Mortgage



While you are there check out this little ditty on the subprime crisis. It’s fun.


11 Responses to “Hat-Tip to Don Harold For His Cramer Video – Must See”

  1. “From Wall Street to Wall Stress.”
    Nice tune.
    So who is next on the chopping block ?
    Bank of America or Morgan Stanley, or both.

  2. First you pump, and then, you dump. It’s not flip flop. It’s pump and dump. You pump the junk, short the junk with your associates from the syndicate, and then you say, “Told you so, dump it you stupid moron.” Meanwhile Cramer’s scumbag buddies are buying back their shorts. A quickie profit. And you do this over and over, again and again. It’s evident that this pattern is not accidental, it’s pure “backshish” pattern. It’s not flip flop, it’s fill em with manure, and then screw them.

  3. “As if has nothing has happened.”


    This guy is interesting. 100% right.

  4. Market does not listen to central government. Chinese stock refuses to go up disregarding the factor that government raised gas price to please both Westerners and its own blue chip enterprises.

    This is AMAZING…

    Chinese central bank really needs to learn how to fool investors from FED.

  5. When I say AMAZING, that means, with less government involvement, market can really tell the future.

  6. Be forewarned (fast forward to the 6:30min mark on that video), Jim Cramer is now telling all his perma-idiots to buy, “agriculture, minerals, mining, aerospace & defense, infrastructure, and by far, most importantly, The Petroleum Complex”.

  7. My godness, just learned that, one of the most richest Chinese individual investor, got his stock value shrunk from $436Millions to $145Millions within 8months.

    That must be painful…

  8. With Cramer it’s always the year of natural gas, but it’s natural gas coming somewhere else from the ground. It comes from …… What a fa-t. 🙂 In his case it’s not the house of pain, it’s the house of shame. How stupid can you be ? And that moron still has ratings ? 🙁

  9. It’s amazing that he can supposedly remember all of the particlary about every stock, but can’t remember what he said last week. He is using his loyal viewers to manipulate the market n his favor. Of course, if you are dumb enough to listen to this guy, you probably don’t have too much money to invest, and if you do, you won’t have it for long.

  10. Jim Cramer is a marketer, a “mouthpiece”, if you will, not a successful money manager. His “picks” have been shown to underperform the overall market, meaning a monkey tracking the S&P in an index fund would do better than Cramer’s and his sheeple.

    I cofounded a quant hedge fund and wonder why Cramer touts himself as a “former” hedge fund manager. Why do you suppose it is “former”, instead of “current”? He has absolutely no credibility.

  11. Correction. Jim Cramer is mostly a “racketer” not a marketer. He has no respect for markets or for investors, like a lot of associates in banking and finance today. Market-to-market. Yeah that’s a funny one. In the case of Cramer and some banks and certain hedge funds it’s “racket-to-rascket”. Wait ! 7 days later. He will be pumping banks ! 🙂 So funny and so predictable.

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