FedUpUSA.com Makes a Stand Against ‘Bank Bailout’

Posted on September 24th, 2008 in Daily Mortgage/Housing News - The Real Story, Mr Mortgage's Personal Opinions/Research

This ‘bailout’ is the most polarizing issue I have seen since Bush/Kerry. I have stayed away from writing about the topic because all my favorite bloggers have already done a great job.  However, I have been replying to reader emails regarding and posted some current default information yesterday  (Mortgage Defaults Already at $50bb a Month – $700bb Won’t go too Far.) This was done in order to give you a read on how big the problem is going forward and why I think this plan like all of the other plans, will ultimately waste money that is better spent elsewhere. FedUpUSA led by Karl Denninger is your best chance of making a difference.

The overwhelming majority of blog readers are against the bailout. If you want to get active, here is your chance. In fact, I think

Link:  FedUpUSA

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    11 Responses to “FedUpUSA.com Makes a Stand Against ‘Bank Bailout’”

    1. you are doing the right thing, provide us with essential background information, and let us draw our own conclusions

      it is what most of the great novelists and filmmakers have always done, often to scintillating effect

    2. Your link is hosed…make it absolute. It’s http://mrmortgage.ml-implode.com/www.Fedupusa.com

    3. i think your analysis would be helpful since you come at the situation from the bottom up so to speak(the housing crisis) rather from the top down perspective(financial institution trouble) almost everyone is concentrating on in the bailout discussion. you can’t do meaningful analysis of what the country can and should do about one without looking at and understanding the other. please weigh in. thanks. dennis

    4. Did you hear how McCain wants the whole plan to be open and public to the citizens?
      I wonder how nervous congress is about passing this thing?

      Thank god for the internet, and the Era of Information.

    5. VERY nervous

      this plan is closer to going down than people think

    6. Oh it’s going down. Count on that.
      Now how people react, that’s a bet Wall St. will bet on. Amercians will just accept it. Jst don’t take away their SUV’s, fast food, and drugs.

    7. Inflation will be the new tax to pay for this.

    8. Mr.M, I can’t believe you haven’t put out a video on this historic moment.

    9. Whats the next card the FED plays here??

      I think its entirely possible that as congress investigates and asks questions Paulson will likely let another institution fail..maybe WAMU or who knows? That way, he will have an “I told you so moment”..and continuation of his fear mongering dribble.
      You can just see the despiration building here to help out his wall street old boys club while at the same time trying to look concerned about American taxpayers. With this guys track record, why would anyone trust him? He has lied and has been wrong about everything financial related so far.
      I’m happy to see that finally there is much deserved opposition to this 3 page ‘get out of jail free’ document. We’ll just have to see if congress can make the changes Karl D. has talked about in his videos. I hope that is the case.
      Someday the truth will be found out…but much further down the road I suspect.

    10. Bring it on.

      Here sign this or the next thing you see will be an economic mushroom cloud

    11. A Senator said it best, I represent people that are 100 to 1 against this bailout but I will do what is in the best interest of the people. Vote for the bailout.

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