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Posted on January 26th, 2009 in Daily Mortgage/Housing News - The Real Story, Mr Mortgage's Personal Opinions/Research

I am moving – until my new site is up, I will only be send research via email. As always I provide this information at no charge.

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VERY IMPORTANT NOTE – that the responder sends back a verification email that may go into your spam folder…it will be coming from

The last day my site will be hosted at the one and only Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter will be at the of the month. I will be changing my site address but may not have it up by then so if I do not have you as an email subscriber, you may not know how to find me.  Feel free to add as many email addresses as you want my information delivered to. Your email address will never be sold or used by anyone other than me in order to get research out to you. – Best, Mr. Mortgage


5 Responses to “Mr Mortgage Reports to be Delivered by Email”

  1. Will the RSS feeds stop working too?

  2. Please put me on the email list.

  3. I was looking to buy a home last summer. I went around to different builders to look at homes and floor plans. Several of the sales associates made comments alluding to the type of buyer they are know looking to purchase a home. One builder said “We are now only accepting 550 credit to purchase a home.” I thought to myself 550 credit what will this neighborhood look like in a year? I felt if I bought a home in the 550 credit neighborhood that in due time I would see forclosures in that neighborhood. To my suprise most of the builders were following the same practice. I decided not to buy at that time. I was also prequalified and couldn’t find a sales agent to deal with me, they wanted to play hardball. Well I guess I should thank them because with the exception of one of the many builder developments that I visited they still have inventory and empty lots.

  4. What’s up with the move? Don’t you like it here?

  5. MM, do you know your new website name, or will it be the same?

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