About Mr Mortgage

A former 20-year mortgage banking professional, now independent financial industry consultant, information arbitrageur and risk enlightener, here to tell you the real story and guide you through the maze of lies, spin and half-truths regarding the housing and mortgage sectors and their players.

At any moment in time I may be long or short equities, bonds, commodities or derivatives. I will do my best to always disclose if I indeed do have a position in a company mentioned.

5 Responses to “About Mr Mortgage”

  1. Can you give me some info on the idea of paying your mortage in like 7 years. I heared it on tv. but did not get the source thanks in advance

  2. Where can i verify the Countrywide loan modification? do you know of other like kind loan modifications? please email me at dee@kirkbridehomes.com

  3. How do I cancel my subscription? I can`t find this info anywhere. Please advise,
    Thank you

  4. Looking to help my clients with loan modifications, HOPE loans, etc… Any suggestions? I am an expert on short sales, but haven’t negotiated for money with banks on modifications to keep clients in their homes. What do you offer and as a Broker how can I help my clients and make money?

  5. My husband and I are looking to purchase our first home in Manteca CA. We have been watching prices and they are finally affordable. Should we continue to wait?

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